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Hong Kong is one of the globe’s topmost financial centres. Also has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. In previous years, many individuals are hoping to move to Hong Kong for better occupations. Well, the reason for migration is different yet everybody needs a visa to migrate from one nation to the next. The nation also boasts of one of the most migrant-friendly immigration policies in the world.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme QMAS

The QMAS is the scheme that helps to select people from various countries of the world to get experience and remain quality personalities. It also has a unique policy for global people to strategize and make an impact with their virtual goals. The facilities to run business settle as an immigrant and guarantee a better position in the place like Hong Kong also open the opportunity gear. Finally, they are accommodating you with better packages, high qualified services and a touch of the place.

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Hong Kong Occupation List

In order to welcome and inform the qualified skilled individuals, the city-state follows an occupation list called Hong Kong Occupation List. It aid you choose your choice profile for additional first-rate Employment Opportunities.
  • Sector: Academic Research and Education
  • Sector: Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Construction
  • Sector: Arts and Culture
  • Sector: Broadcasting and Entertainment
  • Sector: Business Support and Human Resources
  • Sector: Catering and Tourism
  • Sector: Commerce and Trade
  • Sector: Financial and Accounting Services
  • Sector: Human Health and Veterinary Services
  • Sector: Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Sector: Manufacturing Industries

Sponsorship Visa (Hong Kong)

Workers are sponsored by their employer; dependents are sponsored by the worker. A worker can sponsor their spouse and their children, up to the age of 18 for a Hong Kong Dependent visa. As holders of a Hong Kong Dependent visa, spouses are currently allowed to take up work when sponsored by their legal spouse, although these arrangements are changeable. Significantly, its geographical nearness to India makes it a much preferred overseas immigration destination for the Indian migrants–more so for those who could be keen to make the most of the Hong Kong’s pro-business & investment atmosphere.
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