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Europe being the power capital and economic front is the famous destinations for the migrants. Germany is one of the richest and safest countries of the world. It’s a dream place for all the job seeks because of its highest growth rates and low unemployment. With the growing economic demand, Germany provides Job seeker visa for young skilled professionals. To explore the chances of employment, Germany offers a long-term permit visa that allows you to visit and stay in Germany for the period of 6 months and finds a job for yourself.
  • If one has found the job by the end of 6 months, the immigrant can apply for Germany Work Permit Visa or Visa.
  • You are allowed to work and live there. It is to be understood that the Job Seekers Visa is not a permit to immediately start working in Germany, but it only allows you to stay and find a job for yourself.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card also is known as Blaue Karte EU refers to as residence label for academics outside the EU who want to work in an EU member state. The applicants are required to have a university degree and a work contract which meets the minimum gross salary requirement for the eligibility.

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Immigrate To Germany ?

One of the richest and largest countries in the European Union (EU), the abundance of jobs and the thriving economy are what makes working in Germany so appealing. The job market in Germany is generally strong and employment is high for skilled workers coming into the country, specifically in engineering, manufacturing and the IT sectors. Manufacturing is the foundation of the economy of Germany, a highly industrialized and densely populated country.

  • There are 3 ways in which you can immigrate to Germany:
  • Job Seeker’s Visa, which allows you to stay in Germany and search for a job for a period of 6 months.
  • Student Visa, which allows you to study in Germany.
  • Entrepreneur Visa, which allows you to invest or do business in Germany.
The simplest form of German Immigration is Job seeker visa, which is like a long term residence permit. Once you get a job, the employer will sponsor your Employment Visa. On an employment resident permit, you have to complete 5 years to apply for permanent residency (PR). To immigrate to Germany, you will need a valid reason. There are several ways that foreign nationals can move to Germany. This includes the following reasons, which will be explained in more detail below.
  • Germany immigration for employment
  • Germany immigration for education
  • Germany immigration for entrepreneurs
  • Germany immigration for family reunions
  • Germany immigration residence permits

Sponsorship Visa (Germany)

Workers are sponsored by their employer; dependents are sponsored by the worker. A worker can sponsor their spouse and their children, up to the age of 18 for a Germany Dependent visa. As holders of a Germany Dependent visa, spouses are currently allowed to take up work when sponsored by their legal spouse, although these arrangements are changeable. Unmarried spouses may not be recognized as legal spouses by the Germany Immigration Department. In these circumstances the spouse should consider obtaining a visa independently of their partner in another category, (e.g. quality migrant scheme, capital investor or student) or applying for a Prolonged Visitor Visa.
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