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SHALITIN IMMIGRATIONS is the steering and information tool to ensure a soothing and uninterrupted transition for our clients relocating abroad. SHALITIN IMMIGRATIONS is the leading Immigration and consultancy firm in India. Our firm is committed to providing reliable and professional assistance to its worldwide clients who are seeking to Work, Study, and Visit Globally on permanently or temporarily. We ventured into this industry from last 10 years with high standard client relations. Shalitin Immigration is authorized by The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under Indian Government Ministry. We are proud to say that our clients exist in different parts of the world and that we are able to manage/substance with a huge success rate. Our minimum standards are experience, certitude, being reliable, methodical and fervent. Our core prowess consists in giving Value from our distinctive blend of overlapping domains of international studies, talent acquisition, and immigration consultancy thus providing our clients incredible vision and foresight into long-term goals.

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Job Assistance

Shalitin Immigrations provides Job Assistance to highly skilled and semi-skilled people to different industries where talent and sincere individuals are required. We incorporate your milestones into a successful roadmap customized to your needs. We help job seeker from all walks of life by the variety of different sources. We provide 100% Job Assistance to the professional client as we are associated with the regional/domestic consultancies and employers in different parts of the World. We provide immigration assistance to different countries across the globe. We look into every case individually, and take it as a new challenge and provide a convenient solution with the action plan. We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

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Shalitin Immigrations is a one stop for all requirements to one’s abroad queries. Back in 2014 when i completed my graduation, i was looking for opportunities abroad to steer my career in a better direction. Then i got in touch with Shalitin and they helped me with not only understanding my needs and wants but also with documentation and constant support at every step. Those who are looking to immigrate abroad for any services, Shailitin Immigrations is the best stop for it and I would recommend everyone to visit them.

Sahil Anand

A very big thank you to the team of Shalitin. I was highly impressed with knowledge of the staff. This agency guided me properly about the process
A great team work.

Karan Bhatia

I got to know about Shalitin Immigrations through LinkedIn. I am really glad i trusted this organization, thanks to the documentation department for the constant support, for helping me to get a Work Permit Visa for Canada. I got my Visa stamped on 13th February 2016.
Appreciation and good wishes to this company Keep up the good work..! I would highly recommend this Organization for abord opportunity.

Neeraj Singh

Big big thank you to the team of shalitin. I was so impressed with the fact that they helped me throughout the days. Getting professional assistance from such a great team built up more knowledge and confidence in me.
Really had a great experience with them.
Keep up and thankyou so much

Nupur Singh
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